Why I am Here

Hi!  My name is Lily Smith and I have started this blog to journal about my adventures into a community service project I have decided to undertake.  A few years ago my mom taught me how to quilt, and it’s something we enjoy doing together. After making a quilt for my own bed, I decided I wanted to make more, but I wanted to make quilts that I could donate to brighten the lives of others.  I have been making quilts this summer for the NICU unit at Holy Cross Hospital.  These are tiny baby quilts, only 12×12 inches!  They are so cute and cozy and I hope they will bring some comfort to the babies who rest on them, and will brighten the days of all in the NICU who take care of these tiny babies.  My mom and I have discovered that there are so many organizations that welcome donations of handmade quilts.  I hope to make baby and kids quilts for organizations such as Project Linus, Angel Babies, Quilts for Kids and more.  And now, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and with Hurricane Irma heading for Florida, I’m afraid there may be need for so much more comfort in the days to come.  I know it’s not much, but I hope my colorful quilts will offer comfort to all those who can use them.


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